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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Language Development and Etc.

Oooookay! His language development has taken off like a rocket. He can imitate peoples' words and he can sing! In fact, the other day when I was about to put him to bed, he kept on saying "bye, bye!!!" I decided to ask him, "can you say 'hello!!?'" And he repeated it! Then I just decided to see if he can rattle off anything I say, so I say "hamburger!" Then he says, "ham-ba-ga'!" I say "spaghetti!" He says, "sp-guh-tee!" "Pizza!" "Pza!" It was such a wonderful time to see him grow. This was April 26th.

So right now, my boy is sitting on the couch watching an Elmo DVD on our new 42" LCD! I think it's real funny to see this small kid watching Elmo on a TV that is bigger than him!

He's so fun to watch grow!!


  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger Dahlia said…

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    anyways, your blog has some very poignant stories. keep it up! they're very nice.


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